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Email Marketing and Social Media: Engaging through Integration

Amber Whiteman  |  25 Apr 2011, 09:18 PM
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Every few months there is a new article published somewhere that discusses whether or not email marketing is "dead". The reasons people argue it is dead usually have to do with the popularity of Social Media and how it is replacing email. Last summer, the rumor was Ben and Jerry's were going to stop sending emails to customers in lieu of Social Media. While Ben and Jerry's were quick to respond that they would continue with an integrated approach of email and social, some people's opinions are that email is quickly to be completely replaced.  

While you can likely argue either point with the information that is out there (for instance, according to ComScore's 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review, web-based email usage declined 8 percent in 2010 in the United States), it's important to keep in mind that as the digital world changes at a rapid pace, digital marketers need to be willing to change as well.

It's unlikely that one digital medium will completely replace another as digital has been doing to print (i.e. online news versus print newspapers). It's more likely that things will continue to diversify and new digital mediums will increase in popularity quickly, making it seem as though the new is replacing the old.

This brings me back to Email Marketing and Social Media, which are a perfect example. Social Media has emerged as a fast growing and popular means for people to get news, brands to interact with their customers, and for people to connect with one another. These are all things that email has been doing and will continue to do even with the popularity of Social Media. A lot of it comes down to how people prefer to consume their information.

Your best marketing strategy is going to have both email and social as part of it. Using all channels to drive the result you want (website visits, event attendance, product purchases, etc.) will ensure you are reaching all audiences through the way they want to consume their content; not the way we think that it should be distributed.  


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