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Make Your Facebook Page Posts Count

John Porcaro  |  26 May 2011, 06:42 PM
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You run your company’s Facebook Page.  Every day or so, you stare at the screen, as it literally taunts you: “Write something...” 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you come up with the next post:

  • Value, value, value.  Why would your customer want to read what you just published?  Would you share what you just wrote, in a conversation with a friend?  In the exact words you just posted? 
  • Be human.  Facebook is one place where it’s okay to write the way you speak.  In fact, it’s expected.  If your post sounds like a press release, it’s going to get ignored.
  • Create an editorial calendar.  Whether you’re posting something humorous like Skittles, or newsworthy, like Microsoft or Playstation, or exclusive inside info like Windows Phone or They Might Be Giants, taking time every week or two to list out post topics in advance can help.  We help clients define their goals, come up with relevant post ideas, track down the content and relevant assets, and help write the posts. 
  • Keep it short.  If what you have to say can’t be scanned in a newsfeed, nobody is going to stop to read it.  Think headline, not tome.
  • Link to an image, a video, or a location with more information. If it's all text, it's easier to skip over.
  • Try a few different things, and gauge reaction.  What do you think will get your customers to “Like” what you wrote?
  • Think about what you like reading. If you link to an advertisement, don’t expect much interaction.  People didn’t “Like” your page because they don’t see enough of your ads.

Here’s a smattering of posts from my newsfeed this morning, and what I was thinking as I scanned them:  

Already saw the commercial.  Don’t want to enter a contest.  Ignore.

I follow soccer, but not enough to keep track of the international teams.  Would love to win a ticket to a game, though.  Maybe click.

Never heard of him.  Seems totally random.  Ignore.

Spoiler!  Regardless, I either already know who won, or don’t care.  Ignore.

Weird.  The game’s been out for months, why would I want to buy a bundle?  It did get my attention, though, and the attention of 8,000 people.  Ignore.

I trust Mari, she’s always spot on with her commentary and insight.  I might not care that Google is revealing a mobile payment system, but if Mari thinks it’s newsworthy, I’m willing to give it a read.  Click.

CUUUTE.  Reminds me, I need pictures of my kids.  And her studio is just down the road from where I live.  BTW, I “Liked” her page because a friend of mine had pictures of her kids done there, and pointed me to the FB page.  Who says FB Likes can’t drive sales? Click.

Interesting.  Newsworthy, and current.  Click.

Free, formerly unpublished music from a band I love.  Sweet!!!  Click.

Kind of fun.  Cool graphic from another fan.  Browsed.

Snooze.  If all they are going to do is offer ads for upcoming shows, I'm not interested. Unlike.

They left out “grab something from the dirty clothes pile that’s not too dirty.”  Click to Vote.

Do I care?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Okay, probably not. Ignore.

Cool, quirky.  I like, along with 22,703 others. Click "Like"

Okay, you’re welcome. Skip.

Bonuses like what?  I might just have to click, if it’s exclusive content for a game I’m anticipating… Click.

What's your favorite brand page, and what do they post to make you interact? 


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