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20 Tips to Start Marketing with Twitter

John Porcaro  |  16 Feb 2012, 11:17 PM
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Earlier today, I had a conversation with someone working with a small business to put together a marketing plan.  She expressed some question about Twitter, and wondered how to get started using Twitter for marketing.  While Twitter may seem like a more-frenzied version of the Facebook news feed, it can play an important role in participating in conversations about your brand, or raising awareness for your product or services. 

RTmeHere are 20 tips to help you get started marketing with Twitter. 

  1. Journalists, industry pundits, celebrity and sports fans all love Twitter for its access to instant news.  The people you care about are probably paying attention to Twitter.  Get started!
  2. Create meaningful content that people will want to share.  ReTweets (RTs) are good, but original content is so much better.
  3. Prepare to tweet 2-5X daily.  Any less, and your tweets might not be seen.
  4. Upload a profile photo and create an image for the background of your Twitter Page.  Nothing says “ignore me” like the Twitter Egg.
  5. Link to photos or videos to have them appear on your Twitter Landing Page.  Do your recent images support your brand or tell a story?
  6. Use HootSuite or TweetDeck to manage multiple search words, hashtags, or accounts. 
  7. Learn the Twitter lingo: RT, via, FF, DM, #, ^.
  8. Be sure to use #hashtags as often as possible.  People follow #hashtags like they follow accounts.
  9. Many of the people you follow are watching who follows them, and will follow you back.  Follow liberally.
  10. RT and mention others liberally.  Many of those you mention will follow you back or reciprocate a RT.  Make sure your mentions are relevant, or you’ll be seen as a spammer.
  11. When you post something that would be appropriate as part of an ongoing conversation someone is having, tag them in your tweet.  It will appear on their Twitter Page, and they’ll see it in their “mentions.”  Good to grow your audience, but don’t spam people.
  12. When you start a tweet with “@”, only those that follow you both will see it in their Twitter feed.  However, it will show up on your Twitter Page.  If you want all  of your followers to see it, don’t start a Tweet with “@”—many use a “.” before an “@” followed by text. 
  13. Make sure your tweets are short enough for someone to RT without an edit.  Leave 10-20 characters free. 
  14. Tweets with links get RT’d more than tweets without links.  Give your followers something to click if they want more information.
  15. Say thanks for people RTing/linking/following.  It’s polite, and they may thank you by following or RTing you more often.
  16. Find and follow influencers in your community and RT/share their content.  You’ll show up on their radar that way.
  17. Participate in conversations happening online, and be sure to ADD VALUE. 
  18. For Twitter analytics, try HootSuite, TwitterCounter, or TwentyFeet--all have free options.
  19. TweetReach will allow you to see how far your brand reaches for past few days.  Free and low-cost reports available.
  20. Use a link-shortener.  I like ow.ly, because it’s free, and because it’s so integrated into HootSuite.

Twitter can be a great tool for marketers, whether your business is global, or just getting started. Jump in!

What tips would you give someone contemplating Twitter? 


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