Peter Morgan

Visualising WiFi through light

Peter Morgan  |  1 Mar 2011, 04:46 PM
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One of my tech highlights of 2010 was this Dentsu/BERG project that created some truly beautiful light paintings using time-lapse photography and an iPad. It was one of those projects that made you stop and think.

Timo Arnall (one of the designers of that project) has since teamed up with fellow Norwegians Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen to visualise WiFi signal strength across physical space using a similar method.

(In my opinion) it's not quite as breathtaking as the original project—mainly because this one came second—but it's still worth a watch because as well as being beautifully photographed it's a neat example of how things we take for granted can be rather more complex when you take a closer look.

You can learn more by watching this video on Vimeo, reading this blog post, or viewing the photos themselves on Flickr.


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