Peter Morgan

Social media and the Grammys

Peter Morgan  |  14 Feb 2012, 10:36 AM
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It's no surprise that social media usage records have been broken by the week as the likes of Twitter and Facebook have become more and more mainstream.

But the scale of the records set during Sunday night's Grammy Awards show just how much a part of our lives social media have become.

According to this post on Mashable (and the infographic below from Bluefin Labs) there were 13 million social comments during Sunday's event - breaking the record of 12.2 million set just last week by the Super Bowl.

Of more interest to me though is the developing maturity of the 'second screen' experience: the Grammy Live app for iOS provided viewers with a dedicated platform for exclusive content and discussion, and 1 million people used it - that's 3% of the entire TV audience: a not insubstantial number of people.

All this shows the potential of social media as huge drivers of traffic and conversation: this was the most watched Grammy Awards for 28 years – that may be a coincidence, or it may show the power social media can have when channelled effectively.

2012 Grammy Awards - Bluefin Infographic


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