5 best practices that will improve your marketing ROI

30 September 2019

Improving return on investment (ROI) on B2B lead generation doesn't have to be a marginal gains story. Small changes – including to website load time – have a big impact on campaign success.

Here are five best practices derived from the programs we operate explaining how you can use data to identify areas for improvement, from my new post on the B2B Marketing blog.

  1. Collect every data point your campaigns generate: you don't know what's important until you start to analyze your data. There are few things worse as a marketer than developing a hunch around your campaign and finding you don’t have the data to back it up.
  2. Use dashboard reporting and data visualization to investigate hypotheses you may hold. This is how you highlight weak links in a clear and logical way – turning your data into actionable insight.
  3. Benchmark your performance against previous campaigns and the wider industry. At Metia we use our Performance Benchmark System to do this. It analyzes 1bn+ data points from recent campaigns to help our clients understand what good is.
  4. Ensure a clear and constant focus on the outcomes that matter to you. Don't be waylaid by vanity metrics or agencies focused on their own success. In B2B it’s often the small numbers that matter: what numbers will show that your plan has worked, and that your business is moving forward?
  5. Don’t rest on your laurels. Build a culture within your business to relentlessly test, adapt, and correct strategy. What works in one campaign might not work in the next. Maintaining a competitive edge takes time and expertise: if you lack either then look for help.

You can read the full post on the B2B Marketing site.