How well do you know your
customers and understand the
behaviors you want to influence?

Know your audiences intimately

Understand the emotional triggers that connect your brand to customers.

Apply behavioral science techniques

Using data science and research techniques, we help you drive desired outcomes.

Measure and report business outcomes

Our ROI models inform tactics. Dashboards report and share performance improvements.

Insight informs better strategy


sales growth in three months following insight-led brand strategy and new product launch


increase in pipeline through insight-driven demand generation for B2B cloud platform


increase in visitor engagement after insight led customer journey mapping and website rebuild

Data smart methods and tools

Behavioral Analytics

We use data science and advanced research techniques to understand the motivations of your audiences at every stage of the lifecycle.

Content Resonance System™

Our proprietary system is used by global brands to identify and engage customers in the conversations that matter most to them.

Strategy & Planning

A data smart approach builds creative, content, media and CX strategies, based on the actions of your audiences.

Our services will improve your effectiveness

Behavior & Segmentation

  • Audience & message profiling
  • Data driven segmentation
  • Data driven Behavior Analysis

Journey Mapping

  • Omni-channel Journey Maps
  • Customer Interaction Models
  • Predictive Next Best Product

Content Resonance

  • Content Resonance Analysis
  • Content Archetypes
  • Content Audit

Personalized Experiences

  • Personalization Architecture
  • Sustainable Content Strategy
  • Integrated Engagement Strategy

Customer Loyalty

  • Consumption Activation
  • Loyalty Framework
  • Customer Lifecycle Modelling

Brand Health

  • Brand Tracking
  • Social Monitoring
  • Reputation Measurement

The Content Resonance System

Our unique Content Resonance System (CRS) will help inform your customer experience strategies, using data science to determine strategy, accelerate campaign creation and measure improvement.

Inform customer strategy
  • Our data smart approach aligns content topics with your customer’s conversations.
  • The Content Resonance Index (CRX) enables a systematic approach to improve content performance.
  • Measure resonance by audience, geography or theme to coordinate your marketing.
Improve marketing performance
  • Help your marketing managers improve productivity and campaign performance.
  • Generate data driven Content Archetypes to guide and inform asset creation.
  • Pre-score your content assets to improve their performance in demand campaigns.

Trusted Insight Partner

Advanced research techniques
Data smart methodology
Wide audience experience
Multi-country, multi-language
Industry leading tools
Proven business partner

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