Metia Group connects you with customers and prospects in vertical industry sectors. We understand each market's dynamics, the different roles of stakeholders and how they interact in the sales cycle.

Financial services

We have worked for banks and technology providers in every segment of financial services. Today we are helping a new wave of fintechs to scale rapidly.


Metia engages teachers and student audiences, working with tech businesses and education providers to improve learning techniques and create better teaching environments.


Metia delivers programs which both engage government sector technology decision makersĀ and connect directly to citizens and local communities to drive positive social change.


Professional healthcare and personal well-being are changing. We connect your business to health professionals in the front-line, their technology stakeholders and directly to citizens.


Metia is expert at articulating the benefits of new technology to businesses and consumers. We help you win early adopters, accelerate service consumption and optimize customer advocacy.

Developer audiences

Metia enables businesses to build developer programs that scale adoption and drive consumption.