A data-driven lunch and learn for Microsoft executives

15 December 2016

Last week we were welcomed into the Lincoln Square Towers in Bellevue, WA, for a visit with our Microsoft SMB clients.

We came bearing sandwiches, salads, chips, sodas, and chocolate cake for the audience to enjoy as we explored new marketing techniques and tools available to create content that resonates with their SMB audience—whether marketing to-partner, thru-partner, or to-customer.

One of the tools examined was Metia’s own Content Resonance System (CRS). Using CRS, organizations can gain data-driven insight into how a particular audience or segment talks about any specific subject area. This allows marketers to better understand their customers and make its content and conversations more relevant.

Misia Tramp, Metia’s VP of CX Strategy & Insights, shared examples of clients we support with this technology, including HBO and Dell, to help them identify their customers’ behaviors and effectively engage with their target audience. Misia illustrated how CRS is utilized for gathering and interpreting data. Then evolving it into useful insight and actionable strategies that assist to reveal mutually relevant content, personalize the customer and partner experience, and maximize sales conversions.

Thanks to everyone who attended our lunch and learn. We enjoyed the lively, open conversations and inquiries about how data-driven insights can strengthen your content strategies moving forward. If you’d like Metia to visit your office to share these valuable insights (and some tasty lunch) with your team, please contact us.