A visual language guide: Revealing the impact of key moments in the customer journey

27 June 2017

Creating efficient customer journeys is a basic requirement for sales success. The best customer experience comes from a company who can provide a seamless and effortless experience.

Too often when we think of a customer, our view is filtered through the lens of our profession, job, department, or specialty. However, to understand the customer journey, we need view through the customers’ eyes.

As the old axiom says “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

It’s becoming clear that customers are more comfortable with visual data (pictures and videos). So why not expose how a customer truly perceives the world by analyzing the data they are generating. Through rapid advancements in AI, user-generated visual data can be transformed into a mental model of an experience the user goes through.

By decoding this visual language helps researchers to consider the human emotion and adapt every CX touchpoint to improve the overall customer journey. By identifying the key moments of truth--can drive lifelong commitment and core drivers to brand loyalty.

To help you connect deeply with your customers, Metia’s Inisghts and Analytics teams, together with our partner GlimpzIt, co-authored a guide to help you understand the power of visual language. The research provided will deliver guidance on where to start, challenges that exist, case study examples, and how to adapt your own methodology.

If you need further guidance—or would like to see examples of how we partner with our clients on developing their customer journeys through the use of visual language—please get in touch.

Download the report below.