Breakfast briefing: How to deliver outcomes that drive revenue

24 January 2018

Austin, TX. March 22. 8:30-10am. Email us to RSVP.

Is your paid media investment delivering the outcomes that drive revenue?

Are you engaging the right audiences, the right roles, in the right industries? Are you investing your budget intelligently, accountably, and effectively? Are you delivering the outcomes that will drive your business forward?

Media agencies lack knowledge about their clients’ complex audiences, products, and buyer journeys, and they don’t have the expertise required to understand and act on data. They are left celebrating exaggerated metrics. Shouldn’t success be defined by your outcomes?

To deliver measurable business impact through demand generation requires a deep understanding of your audience and the channels through which to reach them. It demands a relentless focus on outcomes, the smart use of data to optimize performance, and building an emotional connection through the full customer journey. This is something that media agencies are simply not set up to deliver.

To help marketers transform the returns on their marketing investments, Metia, a global B2B performance marketing agency is hosting a breakfast roundtable that will demonstrate how to turn audience insight and demand generation into measurable business advantages.

The briefing will be led by Pete Morgan, VP of Demand, and Liz High, VP of CX Insight and Delivery, who will focus on programmatic data-driven solutions that help brands attract the right prospects, reduce budget waste, and accelerate the sales pipeline.

When: Thursday, March 22, 2018 | 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. 
Where: Chez Zee, 5406 Balcones Dr, Austin, TX 78731

Discussions will explore how:

  • Data-driven content strategy and segmentation can establish an emotional connection with your audience and ensure that media investments are focused only on individuals with commercial value to your business.
  • A proactive cadence to testing, adapting, and correcting strategies can deliver outcome-led performance improvement—responding to changing market conditions in real time.
  • A data-smart approach to activate, nurture, and convert prospects will increase the velocity of your sales funnel.

Pete and Liz will share case studies from some of the world’s leading brands and insight from Metia’s Performance Benchmark Index (PBX)—the data collection and benchmarking tool that can reliably predict the performance of a client’s social media marketing campaigns based on a unique data store of more than 620 million ad serves and 4 million user engagements. This proven toolset and associated techniques and processes have delivered impressive results and multiple award wins for Metia clients, including recent successes for Dell, RedEye, and Oracle.

Space is limited, so if you’d like to attend, please email us to confirm your RSVP by March 12.