COVID-19 and the business narrative: What does this mean for brands?

Steve Ellis

17 April 2020

I previously highlighted the discussion between Liz High, our VP of Strategy and Insight and Paige O’Neil, CMO of Sitecore. Part two is also now online.

In this second part of the discussion, Liz shares more of the insights revealed from the data set we are using to isolate business and commercial conversation taking place within the COVID-19 pandemic. As referenced before, our focus in gathering this data is on understanding the business narrative, not the wider health and social implications.

In this segment, Liz and Paige focus on what the future could look like as businesses begin to take tentative steps towards understanding the ‘new normal’.

They discuss how data shows that the crisis is inevitably accelerating digital transformation and highlighting the importance of the cloud in delivering resilience and more accessible services.  

Both agree that the future will not be about going back to how we all did things before.

Successful brands will be those that learn from how they were forced to respond to the crisis, identify the successful innovations they made, embrace them and build that into their new normal.

There is a clear and positive message: great innovations and new paradigms will emerge, and digital experiences that provide the best of human interaction with the best for digital UX, will be the future.

You can find part two of the video here.

If you want to know more about our COVID-19 data set and how we can help you understand the rapidly emerging new normal for your customers, employees or your brand, reach out directly to either myself, Liz or Misia Tramp via our Contact form.

Again, if you need to ask about the method and approach, just ask.