#Emerge 2018 and doubling lead gen ROI with Brandwatch

Pete Morgan

13 April 2018

Yesterday, Jason Cheang – Metia's Head of Digital, APJ – spoke at Twitter's #Emerge2018 conference in Singapore and shared how we are working with Twitter to deliver success for our clients in the region.

It was a great event, with speakers from Intel, Oracle, and Bloomberg joining Jason in discussing how Twitter can be used to generate measurable value as part of a B2B demand generation program.

That is something we have a lot of experience in, as documented in a new case study of our work by social intelligence platform Brandwatch: How Metia Group doubled lead-gen ROI using Brandwatch Audiences.

In the featured project, we used Brandwatch Audiences as part of our proprietary Micro Profiling methodology to focus a technology client's lead generation investment through Twitter on individuals with commercial value to its business. We then applied Active Optimization techniques to minimize budget wastage and maximize the quantity and quality of leads generated.

The data speaks for itself: versus a control segment of traditional Twitter targeting, our approach achieved a 22% higher click-through rate, a 59% higher landing rate (from ad clicks to landing page visits), and a 144% higher conversion rate.

The end result: we generated 1.5x more leads than if we had followed a traditional targeting approach, hitting the client's target with 33% less budget.

You can read the case study in full on the Brandwatch website, and if you'd like to learn more please get in touch.

I'll also be sharing these results at the upcoming Brandwatch NYK conference in Chicago on May 7th – if you're reading this from the American Midwest then come along and say hello.