Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 197

Sarah Mason

27 March 2020

Issue #197 of the Fintech Analyst Report looks at how the financial services sector is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Celent: The new normal

COVID-19 has challenged many common practices for Japanese financial institutions. How are financial institutions adapting to remote working and operations?

Forrester: Digital CX in the pandemic

Getting the emotional tone right in your CX is critical during this global crisis. Brands need to reflect empathy through digital offerings, primarily using clear, simple communication.

McKinsey: Banks as systemic stabilisers

As coronavirus continues its global disruption, banks will play a critical role as systemic stabilisers. Cash and deposit services, credit extension and payment facilitation are all vital services.

Aite Group: Business continuity planning in insurance

COVID-19 is putting insurance firms’ business continuity plans to the test. Aite Group looks at how insurers are responding, and what clients and policyholders should expect of them.

IDC: Leveraging data as an asset

Data-to-digital initiatives are only successful when capabilities are in place and mature. Without the correct infrastructure, development platforms, and skills, data-to-digital initiatives will fail.

Mapa Research: AI application spending insights

AI expert, Laurent Lioté gives an overview of spending insights, why he believes they should go beyond being descriptive and the future of algorithms.

Global Data: Fintech startups scaling up

VC investment data shows how the fintech sector is maturing, with funding increasing for more established venture-backed fintech companies that are scaling up, and less funding at seed-stage.

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