Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 201

Sarah Mason

01 May 2020

Issue #201 of the Fintech Analyst Report looks at the impact of COVID-19 on US banks, Libra, blockchain, US digital investments and mobile payment trends.

Kapronasia: A look at Libra 2.0

Rolled out in mid-April, Libra 2.0 has modest ambitions. Gone is the concept of a global digital currency to potentially rival the dollar and evade regulatory oversight. Many crypto diehards are crestfallen.

Forrester: A CIO's guide to blockchain myths

With the recognition that distributed ledger technology is maturing, Forrester experts seek to expose and challenge common myths and misconceptions about blockchain technology.

Aite Group: US digital investment management assessed

With the maturation of the direct-to-consumer digital investment management space, the potential of the market is increasingly becoming a key focus for traditional firms.

Mercator: Five trends in mobile payment processing

Trends in the mobile payment app industry change frequently based on the preferences of users. Drawing insight from McKinsey & Company etc., Mercator experts outline current trends.

Celent: Resilience of wholesale banks put to the test

The crisis is pushing wholesale banks to transform. This could bode well for technology providers that have already been growing rapidly and attracting high valuations.

Gartner: Strengthening BCP in retail banking

In times of crisis, organisational resilience is critical for banks to ensure smooth delivery of service to their customers. Retail banking leaders that plan effectively can better recover from this crisis.

IDC: The impact of COVID-19 on banking in the US

US banks are being challenged by everything from moving to remote working environments, to a shift in payments from physical to online, to an explosion of new loan applications.

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