Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 205

Sarah Mason

05 June 2020

Issue #205 of the Fintech Analyst Report looks at trends in the wealth and investment sectors and the impact of 5G on banking.


Celent: COVID-19 and wealth management cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic combined with a growing demand for digital services by relationship managers and clients, is serving as a catalyst for cloud adoption for wealth managers.

McKinsey: Wealth management in Asia post-pandemic

Investor wealth in Asian equity markets is falling rapidly. Asia’s wealth managers need to reinvent themselves as agile and flexible for long term success.

Forrester: Web chat investing

Web chat is gaining traction across financial services. Investment firms are catching on; using this channel to meet expectations. But what do clients want to see from these online tools?

Gartner: Impact of 5G on banking

5G will enable enhanced mobile banking experiences, cost-efficient operations and flexible geographical reach for retail banking. Being able to take the early-mover advantage is crucial to success.

GlobalData: COVID-19 impact on UAE retail banking

The oil-rich country looks to suffer a big hit from the economic impact of the pandemic. What effect will this have on the retail banking sector and what government measures could alleviate it?

Kapronasia: Growth in real-time, cross-border payments

Finastra, Accenture and Kapronasia look at the growth in instant cross-border payments and the importance of AML compliance across jurisdictions without impairing the customer experience.

IDC: COVID-19’s impact on blockchain

Could blockchain emerge strongly after the pandemic? Additional interest in the technology might arise, but the same issues around transparency, resiliency and immutability still need to be addressed.

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