Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 210

Sarah Mason

17 July 2020

Issue #210 of the Fintech Analyst report looks at IoT in payments, the impact of COVID on French retail banks, and the future CIO. It also looks at digital currencies from central banks, retail customer journeys, quick digital on boarding and the launch of Open Banking in Australia.

Mercator: IoT payments drive revenue

IoT payments are growing up to 15 percent year on year and are part of strategic plans for Fortune 500 companies, some of which indicate that they expect IoT to disrupt existing markets.

GlobalData: COVID-19 impact on French retail banks

Given the expected scale and length of the disruption caused by the coronavirus, it’s no surprise that key banking indicators will suffer. Nevertheless, a gradual economic recovery is now expected.

Forrester: The chief innovation officer

Companies continue to struggle to build sustainable innovation programs. How can the role of the chief innovation officer help the C-suite ensure that their innovation investments will pay off?

Aite Group: Central banks considering digital currencies

There continues to be a lot of discussion around the value of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). But what is the potential impact of CBDCs on payment firms and technology vendors?

Gartner: Improving the customer journey in retail banking

Leading banks have created the new position of experience manager to own and oversee the design and delivery of end-to-end customer experiences.

Celent: Digital onboarding needs to happen sooner

Digital onboarding helps banks by reducing their costs through automation and error reduction, with some reporting errors down from 60 percent to 5 percent and processing time down significantly.

Kapronasia: Open banking launched in Australia

Customers of any of Australia’s top four banks can now request that their account and card data be shared with third parties. But will a lack of awareness and the coronavirus affect engagement?

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