Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 212

Sarah Mason

31 July 2020

Issue #212 of the Fintech Analyst looks at how AI technologies are making waves in banking, investing and AML, and how financial firms looking to serve customers must focus on financial well-being. The two banking markets in the spotlight are Germany and Malaysia, as they face different issues in the fallout from COVID-19. We also consider the competitive landscape in US payments, and the increased competition in the banking sector caused by big techs.

Gartner: AI in banking and investing

How far AI technologies and techniques are from early mainstream adoption is a crucial reference point for planning product portfolios and roadmaps; as well as understanding the timing and potential impact.

Celent: Big banks, bigger techs

Incumbents continue to dominate the banking sector in most major markets, but in a few, the unique scale and “ecosystem” model of big techs has the potential to fundamentally change competitive dynamics.

Kapronasia: Malaysian digital banking shifts gears

Pandemic-induced disruptions have likely shaken Malaysian incumbents out of complacency. Meanwhile, would-be digital bank applicants are moving to strengthen their positions.

Forrester: Tech for financial well-being

Financial services firms looking to win, serve and retain customers must put financial well-being at the core of their strategy. This report evaluates 18 technologies that enable greater maturity in this area.

Aite Group: AI in AML

Financial institutions are still failing to meet anti-money laundering regulatory expectations even after investing significant effort and resources. Leaders are now turning to AI to solve this at a reasonable price.

Mercator: Payment gateways in the US

Payment gateways are the fastest growing and most intensely competitive part of the US payments industry’s value chain, offering both core and added-value services aimed at consumer and B2B online merchants.

GlobalData: COVID-19 impact on German retail banks

The German government has introduced measures that will support the banking sector in the wake of the economic impact of the coronavirus, but there will be pressure on lenders for many months to come.

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