Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 219

Sarah Mason

02 October 2020

As many countries are bracing for a second wave of the pandemic, issue #219 of the Metia Fintech Analyst Report looks at four stories on the emerging opportunities, including how banks can meet new challenges, build resilience and speed the uptake of digital payments in areas like medical claims. We also look at the Japanese approach to open banking, the importance of the right DX platform, and ask if it is time to re-think QR codes for payments.

Javelin: Opportunities emerging from the pandemic

For banks, success over the next decade will hinge on converting digital experimentation into long-term engagement and rapidly expanding digital account opening and loan applications.

Aite Group: Making claims payments digital

Medical healthcare payers still remain short of their digital goals – but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic offers a rare window of opportunity to break the current digital stalemate.

Greenwich Associates: Meeting the challenges of a post-pandemic world

Following a tumultuous year for the banking industry, banks must review their traditional approaches, focus on innovation and respond to the new needs of customers.

IDC: Resilience in the face of adversity

This report discusses how COVID-19 is accelerating transformation in global banking, with experts remaining confident that the predicted increase on IT spend in 2021 will strengthen the industry.

Forrester: Japan’s organic approach to open banking

As open banking in Japan becomes imminent, we expect to see customers demand more access to and control over their data.

Gartner: Choosing the right platform for DX

To meet the expectations of customers today, banks must increase digital offerings. Choosing the right digital banking platform to enable this necessitates a strategic approach from CIOs.

Celent: Time to rethink QR codes in payments?

Despite the prevalence of near field communication (NFC)-based solutions, QR codes for payments have proven resilient. Could the technology see greater uptake in the post-pandemic world?

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