Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 222

Sarah Mason

23 October 2020

Issue 222 of the Metia Fintech Analyst Report looks at the growing issue of cybersecurity and the route many attackers take. We also examine the cost of migrating to the cloud and the issues involved with core banking modernisation. We also focus on some of the changes taking place in investment management, including the impact of SEC 606 (b) disclosure, the role of machine learning in automating investment advice and the impact of Covid-19 on retirement saving. Finally, we consider the state of lending to small businesses in North America.

Aite: Fixing vulnerabilities

Financial institutions ensure their assets are ‘locked’ but fall short when it comes to their network security. Attackers have penetrated Active Directories, a ‘master key’ in finding valuable data.

Celent: Cost of Cloud

The importance of cloud as part of a long-term digital strategy is widely understood. Here we look at the cost of cloud migration as well as the steep learning curve and new complexities involved.

Gartner: Core banking modernisation – what’s working?

Core banking system modernisation is accelerating, but bank CIOs typically only get one shot at getting it right.

Greenwich Associates: Impact of SEC Rule 606(b) disclosure

What affect has this new disclosure had on the industry? Systems that can marry access to the wide array of execution solutions to the amount of data these solutions produce provide the most value.

Celent: Using ML to automate investment advice

How automated investment systems can help ensure compliance, reduce the time to identify portfolios with optimisation potential, and simulate the impact of investments to clients.

GlobalData: Covid-19 brings uncertainty to saving for retirement

With the UK economy in recession and disposable income set to fall, the UK pensions market is projected to contract before it can return to growth.

Aite: State of SMB lending in North America

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on SMBs, causing a knock-on effect for business lending financial institutions. This report assesses how lenders are faring as the pandemic continues.

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