Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 226

Sarah Mason

27 November 2020

Issue 226 of the Metia Fintech Analyst Report looks at the changes financial institutions have put in place in reaction to the pandemic. We look at how digital payment apps have provided a lifeline for SMBs, the positive effects of the pandemic on tech strategies, increased algorithmic trading in hedge funds and priorities for CX in investment firms. We also take a look at the need for greater security as consumers increase their digital footprint, digital trade finance in India, and how to improve data postures.

Celent: Covid-19’s positive effect on technology strategies

Despite the many challenges of 2020 for the banking industry, many financial institutions will reap long-term benefits from the technology and innovation strategies put in place to deal with the crisis.

Mercator: Digital payments apps a lifeline for retailers

As the pandemic continues, alternative payment methods, such as mobile-order-and-pay apps, are proving resilient.

Aite Group: Algorithmic trading for hedge funds

The rapid descent into a bear market due to the pandemic is seeing many more hedge funds adopt algorithmic trading in order to reduce market impact.

Forrester: The US investment firms CX

For the investment industry, customer experience is set to play a key role in how brands can recover to pre-Covid levels.

Javelin: Connecting the dots

As consumers increase their digital footprint, they are essentially increasing their own risk of exposure to criminal schemes, requiring stronger fraud detection and prevention strategies.

Greenwich Associates: Indian firms push for digital trade finance solutions

Corporates in India are turning to their banks for assistance in making supply chains more resilient, leading to an acceleration of digital transformation in the country.

IDC: Improving data postures with actionable intelligence

Financial institutions have long understood the benefits of robust data strategies, yet many are still struggling with implementation. A focus on actionable intelligence is the way forward.

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