Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 253

Sarah Mason

26 April 2022

This week we look at how real-time payments are yet to pay off as the hunt for monetisable use-cases continues and how M&A is shaping the wider payments sector. Banks continue investment in emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies, IoT and Open Banking, while capital markets firms may have to tap low-code and no-code platforms due to a shortage of available developers.

Mercator: Monetisation of real-time payments
While real-time payments are a cornerstone of the industry’s revolution, the search is still on for valuable use cases that customers will be willing to pay for.

Javelin: How is M&A shaping the payments sector?
Since the start of 2021, the payments industry has experienced heavy M&A activity, involving emerging and established fintechs and traditional financial institutions. What impact has this had on the industry?

Aite-Novarica: Changing expectations results in upgraded core banking systems
Responding to expectations around digitalisation, cryptocurrency, changing regulations and competition, banks must initiate a structured approach to their core banking systems.

Mercator: IoT and Open Banking create additional benefits that expand use cases
Both Open Banking and IoT are able to gather valuable data from customers and supply information to relevant businesses. Businesses will then be able to adapt to their clients’ needs, driving richer user experiences.

Forrester: Converting sustainable mindsets into investments
Despite having sustainable values, many UK investors don’t apply this mindset to their investments. There is an opportunity for investment firms to educate investors and increase sustainable investments.

Celent: Top low-code and no-code vendors in capital markets
With the demand for applications in capital markets accelerating, capital markets firms must consider low-code and no-code platforms to overcome the scarcity of developers able to deliver them.

Forrester: The hottest emerging technologies for banks
As the banking sector embraces digitalisation, investment in emerging technologies is growing. In this report, Forrester highlights that not all tech investments will deliver the same business value.

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