Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 269

Sarah Mason

07 September 2022

In this week’s newsletter, we look at whether crypto will creep further into clients' investment portfolios and how wealth managers can personalize ESG offerings according to client preferences. Meanwhile, we unpick the rise of e-commerce on social media platforms and the use of credit scoring. Other topics include Japan’s embrace of e-invoicing, best practices for DX strategies and building loyalty with omni-experience engagement in insurance.

Javelin: Is digital currency a lost opportunity for traditional wealth managers?
Research shows nearly 70% of advised investors with funds in crypto allocate 10% of their portfolio to digital currencies. Hesitation stems from regulatory uncertainty which gets in the way of holistically engaging and managing these portfolios.

Celent: How can wealth managers scale and customise their clients’ ESG portfolios?
This report explores how technology can help make portfolio construction more easily scalable and customisable to meet the urgent demand for ESG-driven portfolios.

Global Data: The rise of e-commerce on social media platforms
In recent years, social media platforms have been expanding beyond just communication platforms,  entering the e-commerce space. Unique features enable merchants to directly target key users and take advantage of key trends.

Mercator: The value of the FICO score throughout the credit cycle
Examining the value and advantages of the FICO score, this report reveals how multiple versions of the scoring framework can bring new customers into the fold.

Aite-Novarica: Best practices for DX strategies
Succeeding with digital transformation strategies relies on clear communication and realistic expectations. This report provides CIOs and CTOs with a list of recommendations to deliver both.

Celent: E-invoicing Japan
Electronic invoices are mandated for the deduction of purchase tax in Japan, as a result of the multiple tax rates for a consumption tax in 2019. Could the new system due to be introduced in October 2023 set a new standard for e-invoicing?

IDC: Building loyalty with omni-experience engagement in insurance
The secret to fostering customer loyalty in insurance is a robust omni-channel strategy. This report reveals how to establish long-lasting relationships through value-centric experiences.

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