Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 274

Sarah Mason

26 October 2022

In this week’s newsletter, we explore whether a subscription model is the right path for banks and why branches are still key for gaining in-personal referrals. We also look at ways to enhance security in e-commerce payments, Asia’s open banking movement, and customer experience in Europe and APAC.

Celent: Is subscription pricing the way forward for banks?
Subscription pricing models like Netflix are raising questions as to whether banks should switch to this model. Is this the right move to benefit consumers?

Mercator: Consumers demand better security in e-commerce payments
With consumers increasingly understanding the risks around e-commerce, but also requiring a seamless experience, merchants must strike the right balance when it comes to CX and security.

Aite Novarica: Bank branches still key to business development
Despite bank branches closing in record numbers, 70 million still remain in the US alone. Even as services move to digital channels, a great deal of new business is generated from in-person referrals.

Kapronasia: Are financial institutions in APAC adapting to digital transformation?
While open banking puts competitive pressure on financial institutions to adapt to the digital-savvy demographics, some of them face challenges due to their legacy software.

Forrester: Customer experience in the European banking space
This report looks at how European banking brands earn loyalty with the quality of their CX. Professionals can use this report to inform their ongoing improvement efforts.

Forrester: How does empathy inform customer experience?
During the Forrester CX APAC event, analysts and practitioners from across the region shared common challenges and best practices for continuously improving customer experience and business results. This report shares the key insights highlighted at the event.

Mercator: Driving IT success with cloud platforms, microservices and APIs
Overcoming legacy IT today is a key consideration for financial services organisations. Changing to a more agile, modular, cloud-based architecture is a core focus for many, but a hybrid approach is often needed.

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