Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 277

Sarah Mason

23 November 2022

This week we explore everything from how banks can position their sustainability initiatives to avoid the greenwashing label, to the role of design in innovation, and how reward points are resulting in the more profitable use of prepaid cards. We also examine how digital-first strategies have become a priority in APAC, look at how COVID upended the global payments ecosystem, and the role of entity management in managing the risk of financial crime. 

Aite-Novarica: Sustainable banking initiatives: The new consumer sentiment 
Banks and credit unions must ensure their business practices are environmentally friendly or risk losing business or being flagged as greenwashers.  

Forrester: The role of design in innovation  
Innovation experts from PNC Financial Services, Electronic Arts, BP and Mastercard unpack best practices for anyone involved in experience innovation within the tech industry.  

IDC: Digital-first is the new mantra 
A new relationship is forging between business and technology as “digital-first”. Today, 91% of APAC organisations, including those in Japan, have adopted digital-first strategies to transform themselves into digital businesses. 

Aite-Novarica: Impact of COVID on the global payments ecosystem 
This report examines the impact of the pandemic on the payments ecosystem before, during and after the pandemic and looks at the impact by region and payment type.  

Mercator: Reward points on pre-paid purchases encourage loyalty 
Capitalising on the psychological and emotional benefits of rewarding customers can help deepen customer relationships, encourage additional spending and result in more profitable use of prepaid reward cash-outs.  

Forrester: Real-time interaction management in financial services 
To achieve the full potential of real-time interaction management in financial services, professionals need to excel in the following areas: customer recognition, contextual understanding, decision arbitration, experience orchestration, and measurement and optimisation.  

Chartis: Rise of entity management in combatting financial crime 
This report explores how entity management and analytics tools are increasingly being used to take a more holistic approach to manage a myriad of financial crime risks.  

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