Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 285

Sarah Mason

08 February 2023

This week we explore how wealthtech will be vital to capturing Asia’s growing affluent population and the state of financial well-being in the US. Meanwhile, layoffs have been widespread in the tech sector, but does this present a talent hire opportunity for banks? The B2B BNPL market is poised for further growth this year, and technology in fixed-income markets is starting to modernise.

McKinsey & Co: Wealth management and AI in Asia
While the affluent and mass-affluent segments in Asia are growing, financial institutions should embrace digital strategies and AI to succeed in the market.

Forrester: Financial well-being in the US
To help with people’s financial challenges, Forrester developed a tool to help financial institutions assess the state of consumers’ financial well-being and help customers build financial resilience.  

Gartner: How to choose the right technologies for your finance function To help organisations select must-have technologies, Gartner outlines four key issues in developing a technology roadmap and investment strategy for a firm’s corporate finance function.

Celent: Is it a good time for banks to recruit – following tech worker layoffs?
‘Big tech’ and fintech layoffs provide an opportunity to recruit talented and experienced new team members. Hiring managers at banks should consider this to add value to their organisation.

Mercator insight: B2B BNPL poised for growth in 2023
B2B Buy Now Pay Later is predicted to grow in 2023 due to its benefits for commercial buyers and sellers, including the convenience of installment payments and upfront payments. B2B BNPL products can drive low-cost business-client acquisition and generate customer loyalty.

Coalition Greenwich: Time for fixed income markets to implement modern technology  
Fixed income markets are modernising their technology across the trade lifecycle for many reasons, from cost reduction to increasing their competitive position.

Forrester: Banking customers in India demand more from financial institutions
Forrester’s Asia Pacific Financial Services Survey revealed that Indian customers expect more from financial institutions and their mobile banking apps.

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