Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 293

Sarah Mason

27 April 2023

In this week’s newsletter, we look at the challenges of branch network modernisation, the role of fintech innovations in combating financial crime, and the threat of non-banks to global financial stability. Turning to APAC, we consider the key factors behind Japan’s fintech investments in South Asia and India, and Hong Kong’s gamble on crypto. Real-time payments in the US are also in the spotlight, as is the importance of personalisation for institutional investors.  

Celent: Branch network modernisation falters as banks fail to invest  
Celent’s 2022 survey of US banks reveals that most institutions have not allocated the funds needed to modernise their branch networks. This report highlights key modernisation challenges and offers practical advice for project leaders. 

Kapronasia: Japan’s big banks plow investment into Asian fintechs 
With the largest aging population and slow digital transformation, Japan’s biggest banks are looking to invest in fintechs across South Asia and India. Leading the charge are MUFG, Mitsui Financial and Mizuho Financial.  

Coalition Greenwich: Digital content and its new role in institutional investing 
The role of investment research in institutional investments and its evolution over the past five years is examined in this report. A key finding reveals that, with less face-to-face contact, asset managers must make a conscious effort to provide the personal touch that many institutional investors have come to expect. 

IDC: IMF and FSB warn of non-banks' risk to global financial stability 
The IMF and FSB warn that non-bank financial institutions holding almost half of the world's financial assets threaten global financial stability, especially due to close connections between non-banks and incumbents across traditional financial services, such as loans and deposits, and rising interest rates. 

Aite-Novarica: Fintech innovations combat financial crime and transform risk management 
Emerging technology and data are being utilised in the fintech sector to develop innovative products that tackle financial crime, AML, and cybersecurity, transforming risk management practices.  

Kapronasia: Hong Kong’s quest to become a crypto hub  
Despite China’s crypto crackdown, Beijing is allowing Hong Kong autonomy to experiment with digital currencies. It is still a gamble for the city-state, hinging largely on whether crypto becomes an integral part of mainstream financial services. 

Javelin: Real-time payments to go mainstream in the US 
The launch of FedNow in 2023 will usher in a new era of mainstream real-time payments in the US. Hosting at the point of sale is a particularly attractive option for merchants, making receiving funds more cost-effective and convenient. 

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