Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 298

Sarah Mason

26 July 2023

In this week’s newsletter we reveal the top banking apps in EMEA, how AI is transforming financial services and the risk of large language models like ChatGPT aiding financial crime. Meanwhile, the trading of corporate bonds is shifting to digital, innovation in the insurance sector is continuing apace, cyber risks are mounting, and data management is becoming increasingly important to regulatory reporting. 

Forrester: Evaluating top apps and best practices in EMEA mobile banking  
Forrester evaluated the smartphone apps of 10 banks in the EMEA region to identify leaders in mobile banking functionality and UX. This report shares best practices for digital business and CX professionals.  

GlobalData: AI-driven digital transformation in financial services 
The financial services sector has embraced digitalisation, with AI playing a crucial role in delivering personalised and cost-effective services. This report analyses the impact, opportunities, and key players of AI-driven digital transformation in FS.  

Datos Insights: Future of regulations on large language models 
Large language models like ChatGPT are popular but pose risks like facilitating financial crime and spreading false information, raising regulatory challenges on how best to respond. 

Coalition Greenwich: The current state of the corporate bond market in the UK and Europe 
New research by Coalition Greenwich found that 62% of European investment-grade corporate bonds traded electronically in 2022. This shows that corporate bond markets in Europe are the most electronic bond markets in the world.  

Datos Insights: Fostering innovation within the insurance sector 
Cultivating an innovative culture, exploring applications of artificial intelligence (AI), and collaborating with insurtech startups to access emerging technologies are all essential in fostering innovation.  

Omdia: Cybersecurity: Prioritising vigilance with limited resources  
Amid thriving digital innovation, the cyber-threat landscape gains momentum. Enterprises have overlooked cybersecurity while focusing on innovation projects.  

Chartis: The evolution of regulatory reporting 
This reports looks at trends in the market towards a more granular level of reporting, the adoption of structured data models, the need for more standardisation and the significance of data management in the regulatory reporting cycle.  

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