Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 300

Sarah Mason

30 August 2023

In this week’s newsletter, we take a look at the closer scrutiny US regulators are putting on the relationship between banks and fintechs after the 2023 regional banking crisis. We also look at CRM providers in the financial services space and explore the pros and cons of asset managers turning to enterprise data management solution providers. Meanwhile, we examine the downturn in funding for insurtech companies, despite their importance for ensuring digital resilience. On the payments front, embedded payments are opening up new opportunities for merchants and the gift card market continues to take off. 

Celent: Regulators examine the relationship between banks and fintechs   
The regional US banking crisis this year shed light on the potentially risky relationship between fintechs and banks. As regulated entities, banks ultimately bear the risk if things go wrong. Now, US regulators are weighing in to mitigate these risks.   

Forrester: Wave report on financial services CRM providers  
This report analyses and scores the CRM providers with solutions serving retail banking, insurance, as well as investment and wealth management customers.  

Datos Insights: Pros and cons of managed data services 
There is growing demand from asset managers for enterprise management solutions stemming from shorter settlement cycles, increased volume and new regulatory reporting requirements. This report explores the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing data management.  

Celent: Insurtech suffers Q2 2023 setback  
After a promising Q1, the insurtech sector encountered a downturn, with substantial funding declining in Q2, 2023.  

IDC: The importance of digital resilience in insurance 
Changing customer and partner expectations, technology innovations, and regulatory changes are just some of the dynamics defining the insurance industry in 2023. This report reveals key areas to focus on to ensure digital resilience.  

Datos Insights: Embedded payments are opening up opportunities for merchants 
Embedded payments are a milestone in the evolution of payments, allowing merchants to open up new ways to generate incremental sales and increase customer satisfaction.  

Payments Journal: Gift card market boom continues 
With the US gift card market expected to reach $260 billion by 2026, merchants should seek to optimise physical and digital gift card initiatives.  

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