Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 302

Sarah Mason

03 October 2023

In this week’s newsletter, we explore India’s future as a fintech hub in Asia-Pacific, the rise of P2P payments and instant A2A transactions. Meanwhile, generative AI in financial services is set to take off on multiple fronts – from customer engagement, to banking and capital markets. 

Forrester: Indian mobile banking apps review, Q3 2023 
Millions of Indians now prefer mobile apps to manage their finances. This report gauges the effectiveness, ease and convenience of digital experiences and the functionality of the mobile banking apps of nine large banks in India. 

Datos Insights: P2P provides more options 
Mobile apps are changing the payments landscape with P2P payments being no exception. With most P2P e-payment transactions being made through nonbank channels, banks are not fully capitalising on the opportunity P2P payments offer.  

Javelin Research: FedNow revolutionising payments with instant A2A transfers  
Javelin delves into A2A payments, drawing insights from successful initiatives in India and Brazil, and discusses potential challenges in implementing similar approaches in the United States.  

IDC: Banking's strategic imperative for AI-powered customer engagement  
It’s crucial to grasp generative AI’s potential impact on how banking customers interact with financial institutions. Preparing for a potential surge of AI-driven inquiries is vital, prompting the banking industry to create a strategic plan.  

Payments Journal: AI revolutionising financial services with cross-sector innovation  
Artificial intelligence is revolutionising operations for banks and fintechs, driving innovation in fraud detection, personalised banking experiences, and risk assessment across the financial services sector.  

Gartner: The 20 most compelling use cases for generative AI in banking 
The advent of generative AI has sparked a renaissance of interest in how AI can be harnessed across financial services. This report reveals how this technology can improve banking operations, customer experience and reduce risk exposure.  

Celent: The future applications of generative AI in capital markets 
The potential of generative AI in capital markets is an exciting prospect, but the technology is likely to be one element within a larger AI ecosystem. Understanding the practical use cases and limitations will be essential when it comes to maximising opportunities and minimising risks.  

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