Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 303

Sarah Mason

12 October 2023

In this week’s newsletter, we look at how generative AI regulations will impact technology decision makers, the key drivers of change for KYC solutions, and the benefits of enterprise content management. We also consider how technology and regulations have changed US bond market dynamics over the past two decades, and why poor digital experiences across digital and mobile channels may lead to a loss of customers for banks. Lastly, we learn the key findings from a survey of senior IT executives across the wealth management industry.

Gartner: Planning for the impact of GenAI regulation 
Financial services leaders must keep pace with developments in generative AI regulations. Preparing for different regulatory scenarios and assessing the risks and benefits of deploying GenAI in their organisations will be crucial.  

Chartis: New developments driving change in KYC solutions 
As sanctions push deeper into the global supply chain and the technology landscape continues to evolve, financial institutions must seek to understand the key drivers of change in the areas of AML and KYC. 

Coalition Greenwich: The evolving role of primary US bond dealers 
Technology and regulatory changes over the past two decades have significantly changed US bond market dynamics. The size and influence of the largest dealers remains consistent, but the past five years have forced significant changes to business models. 

Datos Insights: Solving commercial banking problems with enterprise content management  
When done well, enterprise content management (ECM) can alleviate and improve existing operational and client pain points by delivering improved data-sharing processes. Effective solutions can deliver these outcomes across all banking divisions. 

Javelin: FIs fail to integrate customer data when offering loans 
An analysis of seven of the top banks and credit unions reveals that little of their digital banking content is integrated for easy access once customers log in to purchase a loan. This delivers a poor experience and means they are more likely to look elsewhere. 

Forrester: North American mobile banking apps need to stand out 
Banking customers today do more, want more, and expect more. However, most mobile banking apps in the US simply do the bare minimum and lack innovative and differentiating features. 

Omdia: Insight into enterprise IT in the wealth management industry 
After interviewing more than 6,800 senior IT executives, this report explores the key findings in the wealth management industry as part of Omdia’s IT Enterprise Insights 2023/24 programme.  

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