Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 304

Sarah Mason

25 October 2023

In this week’s newsletter, we explore why the march of CBDCs seems to be inevitable, the success of India’s instant payment system, UPI, and how vendors can leverage the launch of FedNow in the US. Meanwhile, we ask what are the learnings for the deployment of conversational AI in the UAE? Continuing this thread, we also unpack the opportunities and use cases for generative AI in retail banking. And finally, financial crime risk management is more complex in a virtual world, but banks have had a positive 18 months thanks to rising interest rates  

Javelin: Central Bank Digital Currencies, the inevitable path forward 
This report argues that the global adoption of CBDCs is inevitable, with many countries exploring their potential benefits and challenges, and examines the design, technology, and issues surrounding CBDCs.  

Javelin: India's UPI shows the way for global instant payments  
UPI, India’s instant payment system, has been widely adopted with great success, as have many other payment systems around the world. This report explores the challenges and opportunities in giving UPI and similar systems a more global reach.  

Payments Journal: How software vendors can leverage FedNow 
With FedNow accelerating payment processing and breaking down the many layers that have traditionally stood between ISVs and their customers, this report reveals five ways ISVs can leverage FedNow to their advantage.  

IDC: Learnings from conversational AI deployments in the UAE  
With use cases for conversational AI growing, best practices for implementation are a must. This report examines how financial services organisations in the UAE should approach adoption of the technology for external self-service use cases. 

IDC: Opportunities and use cases for GenAI in retail banking 
With the effective deployment of Generative AI able to unlock the potential of unstructured data and deliver significant growth, banks must seek to understand where to apply the technology.  

Chartis: Financial crime risk management in the virtual-asset ecosystem 
This report examines the present landscape of compliance obligations around cryptocurrencies and the financial crime risk management approaches used by institutions that participate in crypto-asset markets.  

McKinsey: Banking resilience and prosperity in a shifting landscape  
Banking weathered challenges from regulation, digital innovation, and new competition in a low-interest-rate era. The past 18 months have been the industry's best period since 2007, thanks to rising interest rates and improved profitability amid lower credit risks. 

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