Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 305

Sarah Mason

08 November 2023

In this week’s newsletter, we explore how credit score trackers have become embedded in mobile banking apps, and Forrester’s predictions for the future of banking. Meanwhile, Korea’s digibanks could face regulatory headwinds despite their seemingly inexorable rise, and the future for India’s Paytm remains challenging. Further, digital transformation in capital markets and the insurance sectors continues apace. And finally, the growth of fraud and anti-money laundering solutions indicates a merging of these two fields. 

Javelin: Financial fitness features for banks and credit unions 
Credit score monitoring has become an increasingly common feature in mobile banking apps, with usage hitting an all-time high in 2023. It is especially popular among Gen Z users.  

Forrester: Banking predictions for 2024 
Forrester predicts that the same technology innovations that will unlock massive benefits for users, may also cause big problems for banks. Meanwhile, US regulators are expected to finally start exploring open banking.  

Kapronasia: Rising delinquency rates at Korean digibanks 
South Korea’s three digibanks outshine the weak digital offerings of incumbents. But how much confidence do regulators have in these banks as they face rising delinquency rates, stemming from their focus on borrowers outside the top tier?  

Kapronasia: Can Paytm go the distance? 
Indian fintech Paytm has turned things around in the past two years. In the June quarter, Paytm showed loan growth, but it also faces rising competition and lacks a banking license that would allow it to lend directly to customers.  

Datos Insights: New EDM paradigm in capital markets 
The capital markets industry has started thinking about systems consolidations and operating model reviews with data management taking centre stage.  

Celent: Anticipating technology trends in P&C insurance for 2024  
The insurance industry is shifting from pandemic-related challenges to new crises in 2023, including climate change disasters and rapid AI adoption. This guide helps carriers prepare for 2024 by taking proactive measures rather than reacting to these challenges.  

Coalition Greenwich: Enhancing performance through cross-regional equity trading outsourcing   
In 2019, Coalition Greenwich and Refinitiv launched reports on the future of trading. Their prediction that finance would see a fusion of human expertise and automation in five years remains true, with human intuition shaping decisions and increasing computer automation.  

Chartis: A look at fraud and anti-money laundering solutions   
The concept of fraud and anti-money laundering (FRAML) solutions indicates an increasing emphasis on the merging of these two fields, underscoring the advantages of a unified strategy in combating financial wrongdoing.  

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