Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 318

Sarah Mason

13 June 2024

In this week’s newsletter, payments are very much the focus as we take a look at the key trends shaping the US landscape, with a particular focus on real-time payments. We also apply a global lens to understand the most significant growth drivers and discover how a lack of payments options for SMBs is hobbling customer acquisition and retention. Innovative risk management strategies for financial markets are also examined and we see how generative AI is transforming the financial sector. Lastly, we discover how technological advancements are reducing operational costs for insurers in APAC. 

Celent: What’s next for global payments? 
The cross-border payments landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with transaction flows projected to reach nearly $300 trillion by 2030. This report details the foundations, growth drivers, and competitive landscape of cross-border payments, offering recommendations for financial institutions and technology firms to capitalize on this market potential.  

Datos Insights: Improving the SMB payment experience 
Despite increased investment, financial institutions are struggling to attract small-business customers. With more than 60% of SMBs going beyond their primary institution for payment capabilities, banks must seek to expand offerings.  

IDC: US payments trends 
Banks must embrace the future of payments. Real-time settlement, ISO 20022 adoption, and expanded data access are transforming the landscape. Banks should act now or risk being left behind.  

Javelin: Challenges and benefits of real-time payments in the US  
This report reviews the current state of real-time payments adoption by US financial institutions, detailing commercial use cases, challenges and benefits.  

Coalition Greenwich: Smarter risk management for financial markets 
The expansion of global investment strategies and electronically traded markets has compelled risk managers to improve their risk monitoring capabilities beyond end-of-day assessments. Increasing market volatility driven by political instability, financial turmoil, and climate events necessitates the use of multifactor stress tests to better prepare for future uncertainties.  

McKinsey: How gen AI has transformed financial sector dynamics Generative AI has had a significant impact on the financial sector, shifting discussions from exploration to scaling usage. Despite challenges in ensuring successful adoption, it has sparked an open season for implementation and learning. 

IDC: Tech innovations fuel embedded insurance across APAC 
Technological advancements are making insurance in APAC more accessible, efficient, and personalised. In 2024, IDC estimates that operational costs in property and casualty insurance will be reduced by 25%, improving policy management and claims processing.  

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