Five reasons why Samsung's watch ad is so bad (or might be genius)

23 December 2013

Sometimes you watch something and try to understand: how did an ad agency think of the idea? How did this pass quality control? What were they thinking?!

This was the case this weekend when Samsung released an ad for its Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch on YouTube. There are many, many things wrong with it, but we'll just focus on a few.

1. The stalkiness. "Hey, wanna see something cool? Give me your number. Say it!". The is a long thread of creepiness running through the vid where the guy with the watch chats up the girl with lines like "hey pretty lady!", to the point where he chases her down a ski slope - and takes photos and a video of her - without her knowing!

2The premise. Of course a smartphone will easily slip out of your hand that easily when getting a girl's number.

3The acting. Is really quite bad. They're all quite attractive, which seems to indicate they hired models with no acting ability whatsoever (and by the sounds of it where English is not their first language).

4. Snow Love? - Oh come on!

5. The look at the end where stalker man looks at the camera and waves his wrist at it with a sly look of triumph.

But: The watch and technology looks quite cool. And the video has more than 500,000 views and counting. (Although downvotes outnumber upvotes by about five to one).

So maybe someone in the creative team went for a 'so bad it's good' angle with an ironic spin. It has obviously got people talking, possibly more than if it went for something sensible -  so it could be that was the whole point?