Load time is killing your B2B campaigns: here's how to fix it

28 February 2017

A frequent piece of advice for our clients is the need for streamlined, mobile-first landing pages, particularly when it comes to lead generation campaigns – now new research from Google reinforces this point.

Google has analysed the traffic driven by 900,000 mobile ads, to fully understand how load time impacts user behaviour.

For 70% of the pages Google analysed, it took nearly seven seconds for the visual content above the fold to display on the screen. This is a major issue, as the research also found that 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Load time has a massive impact on lead generation campaigns. If you lose half of your potential visitors due to excessive load time, you are losing half of your potential conversions: halving the performance of your campaign, and doubling your cost of acquisition.

This isn’t a marginal gain story, its about a huge 50% plus chunk of your budget simply being wasted. This is the difference between a campaign succeeding or being a flop.

B2B marketers must fix this by placing mobile users at the heart of their lead generation strategies – starting with a relentless approach to landing page file size.

A 1.49MB landing page may seem acceptable, but takes seven seconds to load using a fast 3G connection: marketers must ensure their landing pages load faster than that.

Two next steps that Google recommends to improve mobile experience:

  1. Create Progressive Web Apps that are reliable (loading instantly, even in uncertain network conditions), fast (responding to user interactions with silky smooth animations), and engaging (feeling like a natural app on a user's device).
  2. Use Lighthouse, an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web apps.

If you plan to put these suggestions into practice, make sure to get in touch. We have a series of case studies that illustrate the benefits of a mobile-first approach to lead generation, and we would love to talk you through them.

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