Social media marketing in B2B: getting under the bonnet

Pete Morgan

01 December 2016

It was great to welcome twenty clients and partners to one of our Breakfast Briefings at the Soho Hotel in London yesterday morning.

Given the Baltic conditions, the bacon sandwiches and coffee were warmly received, after which we explored the current state of B2B social media marketing, building on our recent guide published in September.

The focus of our discussion was the reality of modern social media: how organic social marketing has become business hygiene for B2B marketers – akin to publishing press releases to their website – and how generating valuable business outcomes on a consistent basis now requires paid promotion.

We also debated social's maturation to mainstream media, and how – due to their mass adoption and monetisation – social networks can be likened to rented CRMs. Social media provide the largest customer database the world has seen, and we showed examples of how our clients are combining this rich data stream with their own CRM data to deliver more effective campaigns.

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the event – particularly those who started their journeys into London long before dawn! We’ll be running more Breakfast Briefings in the new year – if you’d like to attend one of these briefings, or discuss B2B social media with us, please get in touch.

Click below to download The B2B marketer’s quick guide to social media advertising