Talking demand generation on the Real Marketing Rap

11 December 2017

It was a pleasure to join Tim Bush and Joe Edwards on their Real Marketing Rap podcast this week. Tim is Marketing Director at BravoSolution – and, full disclosure, a long-time client of ours across several companies – while Joe is Head of Marketing for Media at FIBA (the International Basketball Federation).

They’ve started the podcast to deliver a jargon-free look at modern marketing, with guests appearing from a wide range of industries and marketing disciplines. (The first episode with ex-Microsoft AI expert Dave Coplin is well worth a listen if you missed it).

On this episode we talked trends in social media marketing, the role of data in improving marketing performance, and the impact AI will have on the marketing team. You can listen to the podcast on the Real Marketing Rap website, or download via iTunes.

I’d love to know if you agree or disagree with the points raised, so get in touch on Twitter or LinkedIn.