The CMO's guide to driving revenue through Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

26 June 2019

Generating returns from ABM can be demanding. To help, we’ve published a new best practice guide on ABM, posing five questions Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to ask about their ABM programs, and ensuring they have the right tools and personnel in place for success.

ABM is a strategy that empowers B2B firms to be more efficient in sales by focusing marketing and sales resources on a selection of target companies deemed to present the greatest opportunity, and ultimately, closing deals.

We’ve been delivering ABM programs for years, but their popularity has surged of late – which has many CMOs wondering about the success (or not) of their own programs and how they can maximize ROI.

Download the report to discover the answers to these five critical ABM questions:

  1. Which accounts should I target?
  2. How do I engage difficult-to-reach clients?
  3. How do I start a conversation with new prospects?
  4. How do we turn conversations into revenue?
  5. Can we use ABM to scale our customer relationships?

Further information
If you’d like to discuss further, please get in touch. We have a host of case studies that illustrate successful ABM programs and our specialist team would love to talk them through with you.