What I've learned as a content marketer for Microsoft's developer community

Asavin Wattanajantra

15 March 2015

I’ve been asked in the past exactly what my job entails. So this is a post I’ve written that tries to describe what my main client role is and what I do for the bulk of my time at Metia.

Engaging Microsoft’s Developer Community

For the past couple of years, I've been doing a lot of work with Microsoft DX(Developer Experience), a side of the business which was previously called DPE (Developer and Platform and Evangelism). The team’s principle goal is to get software developers excited about – and see the opportunity in - building apps on the Microsoft platform with Microsoft’s tools.

My period with DX has coincided with a very interesting time for Microsoft as a company. With the arrival of CEO Satya Nadella, the company has moved to a 'one Microsoft' strategy, with an overarching goal of getting Microsoft Windows applications to run across all devices and platforms, including Android and IOS. Central to this has been work on the upcoming Windows 10, but more relevantly to me it brings an increased focus on the need to build relationships with all developers – whatever platform or language they are using.

And that's what my work with Microsoft has really been all about. Participating in weekly content planning meetings and working with the DX editorial team, the work I do helps ensure that a steady stream of exciting and relevant content is provided to the developer community – but without the hard sell marketing messages devs don't take kindly to.

A Publishing Mindset

Writing is only a part of my role – with a publishing mindset developed through my years as a journalist (both reporter and as a social media editor), I've been able to dig deep into what developers like to consume and share when it comes to content. I've also been able to advise on publishing workflow and structure when needed – it's certainly a challenge with a business like Microsoft, but from my experience it's certainly possible for any firm to get a publishing rhythm if the motivation and forward-thinking is there.

There's more I can say when it comes to the impact of analytics, marketing automation and paid social media when it comes to my content marketing work, but if I get started on that road it'll turn into too lengthy a blog. But I will say it’s been a great time to work with some of Microsoft’s content and social media strategists and experts at such an interesting time for the company.

Metia has recently released a Developer Marketing report which outlines some of the insight and experience we’ve had marketing for such a unique community. Please download and take a look.