Why establishing a rich content engine is a valuable investment

Matt Robinson

12 February 2024

Storytelling is an essential part of our everyday lives. It permeates the books we read, the movies we watch, and the products we buy. Yet creating powerful and engaging stories is far from easy. There are many factors that can determine the extent to which they will connect with audiences and deliver their desired impact.  

Establishing a robust content engine is one of the fundamental building blocks for effective storytelling. As we start 2024, marketers unequivocally need to ramp up their creative efforts. Placing a greater focus on content strategies and establishing clear and directional goals paired with SEO and search data are only parts of the puzzle. They may help retain or improve visibility and drive greater web engagements, but to truly tell compelling stories brands need to go further. They need richer insights into customer behaviors and must understand what drives action. And then they must align that knowledge with the perspectives and experiences of every customer-facing department to inform and implement an effective approach to content strategy and delivery.  

Produce real, emotional content  

With 2024 set to be the year where brands have to strive to “make it real” for audiences, greater focus needs to be placed on creating highly personal content that delivers rich and engaging experiences for audiences. Especially those that increasingly expect and demand more from the brands and businesses they interact with. Equally, brands must focus on making these experiences connected and seamless for the customer, and for every department inside their organization.  

Despite 70% of organizations claiming they integrate content strategy into their overall marketing/sales/communication strategy,i  it is clear the path to success is far from straightforward. According to the Content Market Institute, a number of organizations indicated that content is not a coordinated business function. Businesses also say that they struggle to create the right content, to create content consistently, and to identify ways to differentiate the content they produce.  

Ease the pressure of doing more with less  

Marketing budgets continue to tighten, calls to “do more with less” are intensifying, and competition for attention has never been higher. This presents a major barrier to meeting expectations and fulfilling marketing requirements. If you do not align content creation and distribution with wider business activities, it’s unlikely these efforts will reflect the wider goals of the business.  

Equally, if sales teams are unaware of the content that’s being produced and communicated externally, this can result in the content lying stagnant and not being shared with relevant customers.  Communicating a narrative in keeping with the values of the brand is essential. At least provide the ability for audiences to truly immerse themselves in a consolidated narrative.  

As the year progresses, brands need to ensure that they establish greater internal alignment so they can ensure all customer engagements are consistent and optimized to deliver the most impact and value. Successful content engines unite teams, processes, and tools to support the creation and distribution of content, from blogs and white papers to podcasts and webinars. Your website may typically serve as the central hub for all your content, but all other paid, earned, and owned broadcasting channels need to be in line with the overarching narrative you are looking to share.  

Audiences not only expect their brand engagements to be rewarding, but they also want connected and familiar stories and messages that are responsive to how they choose to interact. Content may be key, but if that content doesn’t reflect the voice or need of every department across the organization, it won’t fulfill its true purpose or potential.  

Even with the best team of content creators or the best-paid media practitioners, brands can struggle to create high-quality content that delivers value to everyone and ensures it reaches the right audiences at the right time. Therefore, there has never been a better time to establish the fundamental principles that will enable you to deliver a robust and valuable marketing activity in 2024. Every organization is different, but putting content strategy at the core of everything you doin a clear, seamless, and connected mannerwill be critical to your enduring success.