Working in the public sector? Start by saying Thank You

Deborah Hanamura

03 June 2015

The Microsoft Public Sector team addresses government, healthcare, education, and public safety and national security. The Public Sector team helps professionals to better serve global citizens, constituents, students, and through technology. 

Metia works with several groups within the public sector team, and we recently collaborated with Microsoft in Health and Intel to open dialogue between the brands and one of their most important audiences – nurses.

The momentum is undeniably toward the expanding role and influence of nurses within all facets of healthcare, including healthcare IT decision making. The Microsoft Nurses blog creates awareness around how developments in eHealth and mHealth impact nurses and their work.

Microsoft in Health and Intel give thanks

Microsoft in Health and Intel joined forces to celebrate the contributions of nurses with a campaign called Nurses Now, which launched during Nurses Week. Nurses Week is a US-based event that kicked off on May 6th, culminating with International Nurses Day on May 12th.

Metia orchestrated a social takeover across the Microsoft in Health Twitter and Facebook pages and the Intel Twitter page, and encouraged friends, family, and partners to join in the conversation. Nurses Now focused on saying thank you to nurses around the world, using the hashtag #thankyounurses

Blog content on the Nurses in Health site always focuses on nursing-related topics and showcases content produced by nurses. During Nurses Week, the content included stories focusing on appreciation and thanks for nurses. 

How did the campaign perform?

The campaign successfully built lasting connections between nurses and the Microsoft in Health and Intel programs. Nurses and healthcare professionals were actively engaged with the Facebook and Twitter content, and our analysts tracked more than 11,000 positive interactions on Microsoft channels alone. It was clear that nurses and healthcare professionals appreciated the recognition.

Of course we should all say “thank you” more often, but a “thank you” to customers can also be a winning strategy in marketing a brand. Promoting any brand means understanding the people who interact with products and services every day, and how the brand fits into their lives. Nurses Week presented an opportunity to let one of the largest group of healthcare IT users know that Microsoft in Health and Intel are listening.