Kate Pluth appointed to lead Metia Group strategic content services

SEATTLE – Metia Group, a global marketing agency, has appointed Kate Pluth to lead its strategic content services.

Metia helps many of the world’s leading technology, B2B and B2C brands to engage and activate their customer relationships through compelling content.

In the past two years, Metia has delivered content-based campaigns into 88 countries in 39 languages. Using a variety of proprietary tools and systems, Metia helps brand marketers to create high performing content, consistently, at scale.

Kate will now be responsible for continuing to develop Metia’s content services which have been designed to serve the needs of modern marketers to provide compelling and personalized content, tuned to the needs of specific audiences within precise customer journeys, and optimized for different channels and formats.

In addition, to proprietary tools and methodologies, Metia’s Global Content Network (GCN) enables the production of content at scale, to meet the needs of different audience segments and local languages. Metia’s content team produces thousands of items of content each year, ranging from writing thought leadership white papers, creating videos to authentically express the voice of customers, to fueling the daily rhythm of social programs with posts and tweets.

As Lead Content Strategist, Kate will now work alongside the leadership of Metia’s other strategic services, which cover both Insight and Demand, to ensure the services are tightly integrated.

“Kate has demonstrated her expertise through the creation of major content initiatives and campaigns that have delivered outstanding results for our clients worldwide,” said Andrew Martin, CEO, Metia Group. “She has a deep understanding of content standards and trends within the industry, with a strong focus on sustainable customer-centric content strategies.”

Kate added: “I’m excited to be taking on this new role in the company. Everyone involved in content knows it is hard to get right at scale. Which means content strategy becomes critical to gain efficiencies, tune for channel and format, and optimize for audience and search. Metia has already been doing exactly this for some time, and I’m looking forward to further develop these methodologies and systems.”