Metia Group create B2B Directions data store to understand conversations and decision making in the B2B buy-cycle

Seattle 10th May, 2023 - Metia Group, the global B2B marketing agency has launched B2B Directions, a ready to interrogate, always-on data store of over 8.32 million digital conversations among B2B audiences, decision-makers and influencers dating back to 2018.

The B2B Directions data store gathers conversations from a variety of decision-makers, key roles and influencers in 13 different vertical sectors, including Government, Education, Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Entertainment. Industry specific keywords and jargon can be applied to derive deep insight by vertical sector.

The big themes the data store is exploring, include: business leadership, innovation and resilience as well as strategic topics such as productivity, the future of work, security, AI, diversity and sustainability.

Using the B2B Directions data store, Metia analysts and data scientists can now quickly and easily interrogate a prepared and structured data set to quickly build a picture of the situation and dynamics around different technologies, issues and themes that are important in the B2B landscape.

“Data is a critical element of every research and insight project we undertake,” explained Misia Tramp, VP Strategy & Insights, Metia Group.

“But structuring and defining a unique dataset and audience, specific to a client brief is time consuming and very much individual to that organization and their problem set. We wanted to create a universal data store that we can interrogate in a flexible, creative and instantaneous manner.”

“This information flow – in the form of insight articles and posts, Research Notes and longer form, more detailed Reports – will now help inform our clients and drive innovation in the strategies and creativity guiding our ABM, content and demand programs.”

Steve Ellis, Founder and Chairman, Metia Group, commented: “We are always looking for ways to stimulate ideas, get closer to audiences, and better understand their conversations and behaviours. The B2B Directions data store will help us sustain a flow of insight to our clients operating in B2B and technology.”

About Metia 

Metia Group is a global marketing agency with offices in London, Seattle, Austin and Singapore. Employing some 100 highly skilled strategy, insight, digital and marketing professionals, the company provides highly integrated marketing programs for global brands and businesses. 

Metia’s clients include many of the world’s leading corporations and largest business-to-business brands. During the past two years, the company has executed marketing activities in 88 countries and in 39 languages. For more information, visit