Metia Group wins Building and Construction Authority of Singapore

SINGAPORE - The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, an agency within the Ministry of National Development, has appointed Metia Group, a global B2B marketing agency, to champion awareness and adoption of Universal Design in the built environment.

Metia Group, the incumbent digital agency of record, has also been tasked to provide a social media strategy for the BCA which will establish their social media presence in engaging the public, followed by sustained content creation and community management activities.

Following a stringent pitch selection for the 2017 programme, Metia was chosen for its customised social media methodology that suits BCA’s needs and proven track record of delivering positive results.

“We are keen to apply the insights & trends gathered for the BCA in the past year to bring greater awareness of Universal Design principles to the public.” said Sean Donovan, Regional Director, APJ at Metia Group.

“We are proud to be contributing to the advancement of Singapore as an inclusive society where everyone – including the young, the elderly and people with limited mobility can enjoy an accessible built environment.

Metia Group is known for its content marketing and community building expertise in the public sector both within Singapore, and through its UK and US offices. Metia’s ability to identify, understand and engage diverse citizen audiences is highly valuable for public sector and community initiatives.

Other notable public sector clients in Singapore include the National Environment Agency, Prime Minister’s Office, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore; and voluntary welfare organisations like I Love Childrenand aLife.