Red Eye and Metia win W3 Award for ‘Be Honey Badger Brave’ integrated marketing campaign

LONDON - Metia Group, a global B2B marketing agency, announced that it has won a silver marketing award with client RedEye. The W3 Award 2017 has recognized Metia’s ‘Be Honey Badger Brave’ campaign for RedEye as a silver award winner in the ‘Integrated Marketing Campaign’ category.

RedEye approached Metia to help grow its CRO business with skills-based targeting—including decision makers and senior practitioners. The campaign was wrapped around a memorable creative concept: Be Honey Badger Brave. The idea behind the campaign is that marketers need to be braver about the way they approach changes to user experiences on their websites. The honey badger visuals coupled with hard-hitting copy resonated well with RedEye’s audience.

Metia designed and executed an integrated marketing campaign that used email marketing, social media, and PR activity to promote RedEye’s CRO solution. The goal was to drive visitors to a landing page, where they were encouraged to watch a video about RedEye’s CRO experts and complete a lead capture form to download a CRO white paper.

Laura McHenry, RedEye Marketing Director, said: “Working with Metia has been an absolute pleasure. The success of our ‘Honey Badger’ campaign was down to their detailed, innovative, and data-driven strategies that produced some fantastic results – including some of the best quality inbound leads we’ve ever had, which, since running the campaign, has led to a number of one-to-one meetings and opportunities for us.”

“Developing an integrated marketing campaign requires strategic direction, creativity, and highly focused segmentation,” said Andrew Martin, CEO of Metia Group. “Through micro-profiling, our demand generation team was able to analyze RedEye’s target audience to understand the attributes and motivations to effectively reach these target roles, which proved to be a huge success.”