Breakfast briefing: Revealing the new customer journey solution

19 April 2017

The rise of communication through visual content has been one of the most phenomenal changes inspired by pervasive access to the Internet and the mobile phone. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are so popular that consumers, especially millennials, are abandoning text and letting pictures and videos do the talking. 

As new technology and social media change our behaviors, so must marketers and market researchers adapt. New techniques for gathering and analyzing consumer data can help companies to act more effectively to ensure long-term customer loyalty and enhance their profitability.  

Metia and GlimpzIt are co-hosting a breakfast event to discuss the new language of consumers and the role visual language plays in customer journey mapping. Join us Friday, June 2, at 8:30–10:00 A.M. at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA.

The briefing will be led by three visual language experts: 

  • Liz High, VP, CX Insight & Delivery, Metia
  • Misia Tramp, VP, CX Strategy & Insight, Metia
  • Parry Bedi, Cofounder and CEO, GlimpzIt

Over breakfast, we’ll explore how visual language is helping marketers to create, interpret, and analyze data through the customer’s eyes. You’ll also see how visual language can improve your customer journey maps. In addition, Metia and GlimpzIt will discuss how to collect and analyze this user-generated visual data to further target and personalize your marketing efforts and increase effectiveness.

Space is limited, so if you’d like to attend, please confirm by May 25 by emailing Carrie McIlveen.

For more details, view the invite HERE.