Earth Day 2020: Launching Metia’s Sustainability Team

Andrew Martin

22 April 2020

Earth Day 2020 marks the official launch of Metia’s Sustainability team. As a business, we’ve always been conscious of our wider impact and have implemented policies on power saving, recycling and equipment disposal. This year, in the 50th anniversary year of Earth Day, we wanted to take things a step further and make as much of an impact as possible. 

As a business we’re applying a structured approach that will allow us to link the values we hold as an organization to our sustainability decisions across four areas: Growth, impact, efficiency and wellness.  

We opened the internal discussion earlier in the year to find out which of these areas were most important to our teams so we can link those concerns to our wider organizational values where possible.  

The next step is to ensure we are educated on the right issues and increase internal awareness of what initiatives and opportunities are available to the team. As part of our Earth Day celebrations we have a special guest from local Seattle-based sustainability consultancy Paladino and Company virtually joining us to talk sustainability with the global team. 

Front-of-mind with the leadership team is the importance of doing rather than just saying. Companies can often talk-the-talk on sustainability but real actions can sometimes get left behindWe’re making sure that our reporting structure effectively monitors our impact and can be used to inform us where to make changes where needed. 

All-in-all we’re excited to get our Sustainability Team going and making Metia a more sustainable business going forward.