The five questions every B2B marketing leader should be asking about their influencer campaigns

21 April 2020

Last week we launched our best practice guide on B2B influencer marketing. The report looks at the five questions every B2B marketing leader should ask when starting an influencer marketing campaign.

The B2B sales cycle has changed. Buyers are better informed, and sellers have fewer opportunities to directly influence their decisions – a situation that has only been amplified by COVID-19 disruption.

Influencer marketing can help to fill this void and provide another avenue of communication to customers and prospects. But the bar for success is high and the wrong approach can lead to wasted budget and – worse still – damage your reputation.

Our report outlines five key questions to ask when running a B2B influencer marketing campaign:

• What can my B2B brand achieve through influencer marketing?
• How do we identify the right influencers for our business?
• How will we start conversations with our chosen influencers?
• How do we integrate influencers with our broader marketing strategy?
• How will we measure success?

You can download the report here >

If any of these issues strike a chord with your business, please get in touch. We have a host of case studies to help illustrate what a successful B2B influencer campaign looks like and would love to talk you through them.