Fintech Analyst Report - 14 February 2020

Sarah Mason

14 February 2020

Issue #192 of the Fintech Analyst Report features insight on whether data is an asset to AI and the cloud, the digital-first mindset of banking customers, how customer expectations are driving change in North American wealth management and how capital market firs are changing their approach to innovation.

Celent: Is data an asset to AI and cloud?

Going digital and delivering end-to-end customer experiences with AI and the cloud works as a catalyst to make companies look at their data like an asset, and that’s when things can get blurry.

IDC: Digital banking drives satisfaction

Customers have a digital-first mindset when it come to their banking needs and are looking for solutions that can reduce friction around new account opening and onboarding processes.

McKinsey: Managing wealth in 2030

The next ten years hold meaningful change for the North American wealth management industry, spurred on by an increasingly younger and more diverse client base with rising expectations.

Aite: Capital markets tech trends

More capital markets firms are beginning to engage with open-source software development, contradicting their traditional mindset of technological developments being closed-door projects.

Forrester: Shifting to sustained compliance

As new privacy rules come into play across the world, maintaining compliance with global privacy regulations is a top challenge for security, risk and privacy professionals.

Gartner: Barriers to adopting AI

AI hasn't been adopted by many financial planning & analysis leaders, although it can help cut time, costs and errors. Why the hesitance and what can be done to encourage the use of AI?

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